SNES Console

Recently I’ve been exploring a website called Artstation. It’s a site where many great artists post their work. On that site I’ve noticed that many artists have made a SNES and so I made one too! The programs I’ve used in this project are Maya 2018, Substance Painter and Designer, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. I’ve […]

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TV from 2000’s

I’ve been looking through sketchfab and saw many people make TV and I thought I could do it too. At first I wanted to make a TV with a GIF animation on the screen and I did but once I’ve uploaded it to sketchfab it didn’t work. I might come back to it some other […]

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Fire Hydrant Props

I’ve been applying for a job at Ubisoft Massive as a prop artist and they took interest in what I make. They asked me to make a fire hydrant asset within one week. I had 3 reference pictures to follow but I had a few requirement. I had to make a realistic model using only […]

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Abiela Journey: Game Project

This is a game I made at school as a collaboration school project. The team behind this game was in 3 teams, 3D Artists, Programmers and UX Designers.   3D Artists Amin Bile – Concept, Texture and Rig Artist Ida Helmersson – Lead 3D Artist Robin Meijer – Technical 3D Artist Sunisa Diserholt – Character Artist Marie Sydby – Animator […]

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Forest with Unreal Engine 4

  I’ve learned Unreal Engine 4 for the first time and I had an assignment to follow an advance video tutorial and make a forest. Futhermore once I was done I’ve added some fog effect to make it look like a mysterious forest, which I though was creative. This is the result of that work. […]

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Character in Unity

This a new character I made for the purpose of learning Unity. My goal was to learn how to make a playable character in Unity. The first thing I did was to model, UV map and rig the character in Maya. Later I’ve moved the character to Substance Painter and textured it. Lastly I’ve imported […]

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